Repair  Replacement and Re-condition

Replacement turbine rotor blade


Remove the original rotor blades with shoulder of first stage
Manufacturing new rotor blades for the first stage
Assembling new rotor blade with shoulder for the first stage
M/C finish size and finalize job done

Repair and Re-condition diaphragm nozzle upper half stage #2 by welding

Khon Kean Sugar Power Plant Co., Ltd.

Found diaphragm nozzle is broken need to be repaired by welding
Diaphragm nozzle repair by welding

Diaphragm nozzle after finish size by grinding
Inspection cracking by PT found non crack

Diaphragm nozzle after repaired and cleaning job done

Replacement new turbine rotor shafting

PSRC Limited Partnership

Dis-assembling original turbine rotor shafting
New turbine shafting preparation and hardchroming to carbonring seal position
New turbine rotor shafting assembling with rotor disc by shrink fit practicle and related accessory
Turbine rotor cleaning by glassbead blasting

Repair and Re-condition feed water pump

Erawan Power Co.,Ltd.

Dis-assembling feed water pump and accessery
Parts of water feed pump cleaning and inspection
Replacement new shafting feed water pump
New bearing (Front end & Rear end) and new overhaul kit (Seal and gasket) for replacement
Assembling feed water pump and accessory

Complete unit assembling

Repair and Re-condition thrust collar for turbine rotor by grinding machine


The original turbine rotor incoming for inspection and found thrust collar damaged, it need to be re-condition
Repair and re-condition thrust collar for turbine rotor by grinding machine
Inspection rotor bearing shaftby PT test,found non crack
Finalize job done