Others jobs

Job : Insulation jacket installation

Customer : Advance Power Conversion Co.,Ltd.
Location : Amphur Phraek Sa , Samut Prakan Province
Machinery : HTC Condensing Steam turbine - Reduction gear - Generator 9.9 MW.

Before install insulation jacket

After install insulation jacket

Finalize job done

Job : Maintenance and Overhauling Sulzer boiler feed water pump (Multistage pump)

Customer : Erawan Power Co.,Ltd.
Location : Amphur Na Klang , Nong Bua Lam Phu Province
Machinery : Sulzer boiler feed water pump (Multistage pump)

Dis-assembling Sulzer boiler feed water pump for inspection
The balance disc is damaged, it needs to be replacement
Impeller disc inspection by pt test found ok

To replacing overhaul kits and ball bearing
new overhaul kits for replacement

Check shaft runout and bending

Multistage pump rotor dynamic balance

Re-assembling sulzer boiler feed water pump
Test leak to pressure @60 kg/cm2, found non leak

Job : Manufacturing part of feed water pump
1. New impeller for stage 1-3 (SUS 420J2) 6 Pcs.
2. New impeller for stage 4 (SUS 420J2) 2 Pcs.

Customer : Khon Kaen Sugar Power Plant Co.,Ltd.
Location : Amphur Nampong , Khon Kaen Province
Machinery : Feed water pump accessery

Material:SUS420J2 for New impeller M/C finish size the impellers and dimension check
The single impellers static balance