Our Business

The strategy of ASKO are listen opinion from customers and help to solve the problems. We was training engineer for professional engineer , teamwork and improving the innovation for response our customers.

in our steam turbine

ASKO is the lead of steam turbine with ASKO's engineering have experienced more than
10 years and the high technology machines for
produce the best spare parts to our customers.

The best service
about steam turbine

ASKO is the center of steam turbine of the best in Thailand, Installation - Maintenance - Overhaul steam turbine and We producing the best quality of spare parts for support our customers.

Provides fast
and convinient timely

The important of working is timely,
length of service is appropriate

Products - Services


- Turbine Rotor
- Reduction Gear
- Generator
- Balance
- Cleaning
- Up-rate
- Repair Replacement and Re-condition
- Special Tools


- Inspection and Overhaul (Urgent Service)
- Installation
- Cleaning on site
- Maintenance - Overhaul - Inspection
- Other jobs


- Our Success
- Quality Certificate